Roger Sorkin, Director / Producer

Roger Sorkin is an award-winning producer, writer and director specializing in the nexus between environment, energy and national security. He has been creating films and other media for a variety of NGO, government and nonprofit clients for over two decades. Roger is an alumnus of the U.S. Army War College’s National Security Seminar and a fellow with the Truman National Security Project, where he also serves as a surrogate speaker for their Operation Free campaign.

He has served as a communications advisor to the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence, as a delegate to the Electric Infrastructure Security Council, and he currently serves on the Climate and Security Working Group at the Center for Climate and Security. Roger began his career in broadcasting as the founding producer of a daily public affairs radio program in 1993, and then received a master of communication from Stanford University with a focus in documentary film before moving to Washington, DC, where he worked as a freelance writer, producer and editor for a variety of production companies before starting his own. 


Nate Birnbaum, Assistant Director / Producer

 Nate Birnbaum wears numerous hats as American Resilience Project’s assistant director, sometimes all at once, including producer, director, writer, editor, and development strategist. Nate has been working in the environmental film world since before graduating cum laude from American University (’15), where he studied environmental policy and film production while also receiving a crash course in environmental film as a programming intern at the Environmental Film Festival in The Nation’s Capital, where he met Roger at the world premiere of The Burden.

Nate has worked as a development strategist and production assistant for The Story Group on their climate change series, and has also launched his own project, The Climate Studio, which uses photography to illustrate localized climate change challenges and organize community action events. In addition to film production, launching ARP, and his independent work, Nate is an avid photographer with a serious affinity for anything that gets him out of the house/office and into the natural world. 


Molly Bouffard, Development Director

Molly Bouffard has worked in non-profit fundraising since graduating from Smith College in 2006.  Having held a variety of roles across the industry, she brings a deep understanding of fundraising and volunteer management strategies.  Prior to joining our team at ARP, Molly worked as Assistant Director for Volunteer Programs at Smith College in Northampton, MA. 

She is dedicated to her profession and received her Certified Fund Raising Executive certificate in 2015.  Molly is also an active volunteer and encourages everyone to embrace individual social responsibility.