Towns and cities across America face serious environmental threats like sea level rise, extreme weather, resource scarcity, and electrical grid vulnerability.


We don’t just make award-winning documentary films about these issues, more importantly we team with top advocacy groups to change the policies that affect us all.

American Resilience Project is dedicated solely to telling the stories of America’s greatest environmental and national security challenges. But instead of focusing on the negative aspects of these challenges, we inspire action and investment around solutions that build a model for resilient American communities.

We start with an understanding of the attainable policy or cultural changes we seek, and then produce films that highlight the political, economic, and social opportunities that come with making resilience an urgent national priority. 

What We've Achieved

Our films have been screened across the policy, business and academic landscapes for:

  • High level international decision makers including at NATO HQ and foreign consulates

  • Senior Pentagon, White House and other Administration officials

  • Cadets and Midshipmen at military service academies (where the film is now part of the curriculum)

  • Business leaders including at NASDAQ, regional Chambers of Commerce, and private companies

  • Research institutions like MIT and other academic institutions like Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Bipartisan groups of federal and state legislators across the country

  • City, State and other elected/appointed officials


Measurable Results:

Our first film, The Burden, is credited with helping attain specific policy victories, including the passage of SB350 in California and renewal of the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, by working in partnership with leading advocacy groups.