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Resilience is the ability to confront and then withstand adversity, adapt to new realities, recover, grow and prosper.

We wield the power of stories that appeal to our common humanity, shared values, and spirit of innovation to forge practical solutions for building more resilient communities. 



Our films are used to build strategic relationships that help policymakers across the political spectrum make educated decisions that support resilience, mitigation and adaptation. 

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First we identify policy goals and then create the films to achieve them. Our award-winning films have been used by businesses, governments, and communities around the world. 

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We engage citizens and policymakers to influence public policy, catalyze investments in solutions and strengthen their communities in the face of environmental threats.

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American Resilience Project reminds us of the American glue of shared sacrifice and love of country that holds us together. They’ve hit a sweet spot in bridging the growing left/right and urban/rural rift in American Politics.  Sharp and poignant story telling fosters a sense of national community while dealing with very serious challenges we face.
— Jon Gensler, Chapter Director, Environmental Entrepreneurs, Truman Fellow, US Army Operations Officer, Retired