Current Revolution: Transforming America's Electric Grid

Episode 1 (2018) 


About the film:

American Resilience Project’s new film series and associated outreach campaigns tackles the challenge of how the utility, auto, tech and defense industries can help modernize the aging power grid to make it more secure and responsive to the needs of its users, while enhancing environmental performance. With a focus on national security, economic prosperity, and environmental justice, the films and campaigns will show how the nation can embrace smart policies and investments that support grid modernization through distributed renewable energy generation and the development of an electric vehicle infrastructure.


For decades, the utilities industry has been a driving engine of the U.S. economy, contributing significantly to our progress and standard of living with a business model that focused on centralized generation. But now, because of reduced demand from a number of factors, including more efficient energy systems, power companies face a crisis that requires them to capture new market share to survive in the 21st century. The industry has its sights on the transportation sector, which means a chance to catalyze the electric vehicle industry, but which also sets it on a collision course with major petroleum interests. And with the need for a smart, cybersecure grid, the tech and defense industries also have critical roles to play.


Through interviews, observational and archival footage with top executives, military personnel, utilities workers, elected officials and others -- from substations to gas stations, board rooms to military bases -- the film tells the story of a towering American industry on the brink of massive change. Whether it fails, prevails or adapts, the outcome will profoundly affect us all.

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Featured in Film

Paul Hirt, Board Member, Salt River Project
Christopher Boone, Dean of the School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
Bob Burns, Commissioner, Arizona Corporation Commission
Leilani Münter, Board Member, Empowered by Light
Katherine Hammack, Asst. Sec. of the Army 2010-2017
Tim Echols, Commissioner, Georgia Public Service Commission
Lucian Niemeyer, Asst. Sec. of Defense for Energy Installations and Environment
Alexander Mobley, Arizona State University
Debbie Dooley, President, Conservatives for Energy Freedom
Kris Mayes, Fmr. Commissioner, Arizona Corporation Commission
Germfask, Michigan Town Hall Meeting
Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley, Board Chair, Interfaith Power and Light
John Kliem, Executive Director, Resilient Energy Program, U.S. Navy 
Wilson Mallard, Director of Renewable Development, Georgia Power
Ervan Hancock, Director of Marketing and Electric Transportation, Georgia Power
Gary Dirks, Fmr. President, BP Asia Pacific
Jack Perkowski, CEO and Co-founder, Green4U Technologies
Charlie Miller, Argent Solar
Dru Bacon, Pebblecreek, Arizona 
Stephanie Stuckey, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Atlanta 


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American Resilience Project is a powerful mechanism for change at the nexus of storytelling, political action, and economic opportunity. ARP is providing a vital public service that helps unite a fractious nation around common values.
— Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, USN (ret.) & ARP Board Member

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